Monday, May 19, 2014


I have been busy in cupcake land. First was cupcakes for William's Birthday. He has recently started getting into Elmo and Cookie Monster, so I decided that would be the best subject for Birthday cupcakes.
I looked around Pinterest for ideas on how to make them, and decided I needed a new decorating tip to get the best "fur" with icing. I also debated how to go about the eyes and mouth. I originally thought I would use fondant to make them, but after discovering how much it cost for how little fondant I needed, I settled with buying candy melts and making my own.
eye, eye
Monster smiles
I really liked how quickly the candy melts hardened so that I could decorate right away. I also like that they weren't flavored so I didn't have to worry about that as well. I found a new, fun, medium to work with in my cupcake decorating.

Here is just the "fur"

Cookie Monster!

William knew exactly who the cupcakes were supposed to be. It was awesome to see how excited he got over the cupcakes. Elmo's nose it a DOT cut in half.

Ready for the party!

William eating his Cookie Monster cupcake.

I also decided to make cupcakes for Easter. These were amazing. They were Chocolate cupcakes with a Cadbury Egg inside. I made little bunny butts and feet to go on top to look like the bunny had it's head down in the cupcake. Using the same tip as the fur, I made grass on top as well. I thought they came out pretty cute. They were very, very rich though. 
Those are bunny feet, not the mask from "Scream"
I really like making cupcakes. I am thinking about taking the Wilton cake/cupcake decorating classes that are available. I think it would be a lot of fun, and I could use the extra practice in decorating.