Saturday, September 6, 2014

Where did summer go??

Is it really already the start of September, and fall(ish)? This summer was a blur of activity!! I will be posting about all of our camping adventures. Hopefully now that things have slowed down a little bit I can get on top of that.
A look at the summer: We went camping at 7 different State Parks this summer. Lake Shetek, Lac qui Parle, St. Croix, Rice Lake, Lake Carlos, Crow Wing, and Forestville/Mystery Cave. We are still hoping to get some fall camping in, since we know the heat works on the pop up. Looking at this list I guess I can easily see where summer went. William loves to be camping and playing outside. Unfortunately the mosquitoes love him too and he has been covered in bug bites pretty much since May.
We are going to have a new project on the camper before we can do anything. The main cable snapped that pops the camper up and down. Luckily it happened in the garage as we were getting ready to take it to my uncle's house to store it for a while. From what I have seen, it is not a difficult thing to fix, and should be relatively inexpensive as well. And maybe now that we don't have things going on every single weekend, we can get started on the actual renovations and painting before it gets too cold. Stay tuned for updates!
My little explorer