Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Appointments and more appointments

Things have been crazy busy the last few days. William has had several appointments and has more to come. So far this week (and it is only Tuesday) he has been to the chiropractor and the dentist.

The chiropractor visit went well. William is a very slow walker and I have been meaning to have him go to the chiropractor basically since he was born to have everything checked out. Birth can be quite an experience for babies and especially since it was 36 hours and he got stuck. As I figured he does have a few tight spots. 2 that were especially noticeable to the Dr. and that I was given some exercises at home to work on with him. His left hip is out of place and his right jaw/cheek is very tight. Luckily little kids muscles can change very quickly and with just a little bit of massage/pressure we should be able to see some improvement. We are going back for a followup on Thursday.

Then to the dentist. This was his second visit and it was just for a cleaning. William has an upper lip tie. This has caused some problems for him. I wish I would have known in the beginning what it was and that he had it because it would have saved us a lot of troubles early on with breastfeeding. Lucky for us I am very stubborn and William compensated for it and we were successful. Another problem with lip tie is that he is not able to clean his teeth with his tongue like most everyone else. He has already had some plaque buildup and is showing early signs of potential cavities. So now we get to try flossing his teeth. With a nearly 2 year old, this sounds like a major challenge. Hopefully he will grow to like it as much as he likes having his teeth brushed.

William is serious about oral health!
Next we have a Dr appointment to discuss his late walking. He can walk unassisted but not very far, and only when he feels like it. He enjoys walking with our help or cruising around the couch or coffee table. We will see what the Dr. has to say about it all, and maybe see about physical therapy. It's been a long week already, but William has been a champ about it all.